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Predictably, there have been people comparing Rachel Dolezal, a white woman posing as a black woman, to that of Bruce Jenner, a man posing as a woman. Some are calling this “transracial.” Dr. Paul R. McHugh accurately explains that the desire to be “transgender” is a mental disorder largely because it is not rooted in reality. A man who is biologically born as a man can never be a woman. He made get cosmetic surgery to make a superficial change, but the man is still biologically a man. Moreover, a large portion of those who have gender reassignment surgery are still not satisfied and McHugh argues that people who get gender reassignment surgery are 20 times more likely to commit suicide than non-transgender people. Therefore, transgender issues do not represent a sort of civil rights issue that liberals have often made the issue out to be—it is a psychological issue.

The whole notion of transgender is not rooted in a reality. Likewise, being “transracial” is not rooted in reality. A white woman that was born white cannot suddenly become black. Now, there have been examples of white people with black grandparents or great-grandparents that have identified as being black.  We see this often in Brazil, but in this case we have a Rachel Dolezal, who is a woman that appears to have no immediate black ancestry.
The biggest issue here is that Dolezal’s “transracial” identity is based on lies. Not only the lie about her own racial identity, but she has done things like claim that her adopted black step-brother was her own son. She also apparently mailed hate mail to herself. This is a woman that appears to be a pathological liar.

Moreover, all she has done was using her position as a fake black person for her benefit. From this position she not only became president of the NAACP, but she also got a scholarship to Howard. In other words, Dolezal has enjoyed all of the benefits of being black, but endured none of the challenges. As one person rightfully pointed out, black people cannot suddenly decide to be white when attacked by a police officer at a pool party. No matter how much we may bleach our skins or straighten our hair, there is no escaping for black people. There are some really light-skinned or mixed race blacks that may pass for white, but those people do not represent the vast majority of people with African blood in their veins, and such people essentially profit from white supremacy and racism rather than challenging the status quo. This is why in places like Haiti (during the revolution) and South Africa (during apartheid) we see tensions between oppressed blacks and mixed race people who tended to distance themselves from the struggles of the black masses.

Dolezal cannot pass herself off as a full-blooded black woman. Instead, she claimed she was mixed race and that one of those races was black, but she has no black parents, no black grandparents, and no black great-grandparents. Based on all accounts about her life, she is either a confused woman or an opportunist woman, but nothing about her claims to be black is based in reality; the same way someone who was born a man but claims to be a woman is making a claim that is not based in reality. 
Original author: D Omowale
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