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Did the Nubians influence Egypt or the other way around?
according to some sources Some of their pottery and burial talismans predate similar discoveries in Egypt, indicating Nubia may have influenced the Egyptians rather than the other way around. At the height of their culture, Nubian kings are said to have ruled Egypt from 750 to 650 B.C. French archaeologists have found exquisite ceramic figurines, bowls and funerary objects at sites that date from at least 8000 B.C.—predating prehistoric finds in Egypt by a staggering 3,000 years.
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Nubian Accepted Answer
Hi, this is a complicate one I came across but this : On the 1 March 1979, the New York Times carried an article on its front page also page sixteen that was entitled Nubian Monarchy called Oldest. In this article we were assured that: “Evidence of the oldest recognizable monarchy in human history, preceding the rise of the earliest Egyptian kings by several generations, has been discovered in artifacts from ancient Nubia” (i.e. the territory of the northern Sudan and the southern portion of modern Egypt.)
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