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  3. Sunday, 28 December 2014
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First it was the Greco-Romans, followed by the Arabs. Then the Northern Europeans came. Now the Chinese are going to finish the job.
Liu Jianjun, a Chinese official for the Baoding-Africa Council. China has already immigrated 1 million Chinese people to Africa who are sent to "purchase" the land and till it. The Chinese officials are claiming that the Africans don't know how to till their land and so the Chinese are helping them? Then why are they owning the land if they're just there to help? They intend to "export" an estimated 20 million Chinese to Africa by 2020. This is being called the "farmland grab."

African leaders in bed with the Chinese leaders accept the deal because they benefit from it. First they sold Africa's people and now they sell Africa itself. Meanwhile, the African farmers are removed from their land and displaced. In due time, the Chinese will control the land--and with it the food source--of Africa. Africans will literally have to beg Chinese in Africa for food. They believe the African to be so ignorant that they can conquer it without a gun. All they have to do is buy the elite and as for the commoners, show a picture in African garb and Africans are amused and bend over for the rape.
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