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01. 08. 11:09h
Paul Orajiaka, a 37 year-old Nigerian entrepreneur, is the founder of Auldon Limited, a manufacturer of African-themed toys. Auldon manufactures dolls and other toys which depict, promote and teach Africa’s cultural heritage to children. Orajiaka founded the company 17 years ago with less than $100; it now has annual revenues of more than $10 million. Apart from Nigeria, Auldon’s toys are now sought after in countries like South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, and some parts of Europe. Last year, Auldon launched the Unity Girl Dolls, a set of multi-cultural dolls clad in the traditional attires of Nigeria’s major ethnic groups. It has been a runaway success and a tremendous hit among Nigerian parents and their daughters. Orajiaka is currently studying for a Doctorate in Business Administration [DBA] at Henley Business School of the University of Readin, majoring in Entrepreneurship. I recently had a chat with him where he recounted his journey and spoke about his future plans. Read More:
02. 03. 05:21h
Olajide Olatunji a 21 year old is one of the UK’s most popular digital media superstars, boasting more than 9,000,000 subscribers to his two YouTube channels and a portfolio of brand endorsements to rival David Beckham Olatunji films himself playing video games, usually his beloved Fifa and then uploads the footage to YouTube. He makes up to 40 videos a month. Each is watched around two million times. The business model is simple: the more clicks his videos receive, the more cash he earns (through YouTube partnership programmes, which split the revenue from pre-roll adverts). This is the world of social media: a meritocracy which rewards mass popularity very handsomely indeed. Not that he concerns himself too much with figures and projections: “I have an agent for that, I’m not business-minded.” “Fifa is my baby. I have to pinch myself sometimes… I am living a lifestyle most guys my age would love to lead, playing computer games and earning good money.” “I would say in a year I spend maybe half of that playing Fifa. I love it that much. I think I must have spent 200 hours on the new game already. It’s pretty cool (to think) I’m known for Fifa, he adds. If you think of KSI, people instantly think ‘ah, that Fifa YouTuber’. I didn’t think I would be up there as the ambassador of Fifa on YouTube but I’ll take it.”
02. 13. 16:17h
After one very disappointing shopping trip to find naturally made beauty products for tweens and teens, this sister duo decided to launch their own, Sweet Dream Girlz. Sweet Dream Girlz has been seen in USA Today, Bloombergs Businessweek, Girls Life Magazine and celebrity endorsed by several teen, tweens and mothers. The naturally made beauty products are filled with shea butter and natural oils. And, free from harmful ingredients such as paraben and talc. The body product fragrances smell almost good enough to eat. The facial products teach girls that it is essential to learn good skin care habits at their age. The professional quality hair care products leave the hair feeling soft and silky. These two aren't stopping at beauty, Their direct selling program, SPA DIVA empowers girls to be entrepreneurs. They have expanded the brand to be vibrant lifestyle of products to include fun, sweet sneakers, apparel and accessories. Thus, enabling teens and tweens to be Sweet Dream Girlz from head to toe