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03. 17. 01:47h
You still think Lauryn Hill is not the best female M.C ever ? Check Out Full Lyrics [Verse 1] Consumerism running through them like a tumor in 'em Ageism, sexism, racism, chauvinism Capitalism running through them like the rumour business Separatism, skepticism, modernism, atheism Television running through them like an organism Mechanism, despotism, poisoning the ecosystem Satanism running through them like a politician Hedonism, hypocrism, nihilism, narcissism Egotism running through them, need an exorcism Situation, heathenism, adversary demonism To fix forms of religious spontaneity's a bad decision Catholicism, Darwinism, barbarism, formalism European fetishisms, terrorism running through them on their television Introversion, extra prison tolerance for bad decisions Exploitative be the saviour to correct the system/paranoia Skepticism, schizophrenic, masochism Escapism running through them need a sedative Medication, complication, devastation negative I say devastation negative Modernism has created modern prisons Neo-McCarthyisms, new colonialisms Pessimism mess they is in Hoodooism, hypnotism, egoism, realism, humanism, legalism Mysticism makes decisions from a purer prism Magnetism, pragmatism, altruism, pacifism/idealism Actualism, rehabilitation-ism, ostracism, skepticism Small fish ball for recognition oppressor and oppres condition Sex, addiction, next suspicion, vexed, conflict and secularism See, people need to villainize to offset disdain for their lives Ugly human, ugly shame, corporate greed in Jesus' name Anarchism, self-delusions Victims leave with no solutions Impositions, superstitions, violence and contradictions False pretense and no convictions Compromised commercialism I said compromised commercialism Worth and vision, work for wisdom Full electromagnetism Who comes first is first position Rap's been missing you've been listening Watch the empress bless the system Paganism, false religion, plagiarism, broken system Euphemism unforgiven Inhibition, prohibition, disconnection Broken wisdom, broken cistern can't hold wisdom This town needs an exorcism Egotism, egotism, egotism, egotism, egotism, egotism, egotism, egotism Alcoholism, fascism, rationalism, national tension Journalism gone gestapoism poporazzo-ism As the world turns in isms Trust eroticism, social drugs, narcotics in them Cult existence, superstition Ritual materialisms, serial isms Habitual inferior vision Consumerism [Hook] He is, he is Set to, set to Self-destruct, self-destruct He is, he is Too cool, too cool To be true [Verse 2] Listen Consumerism running through them like a tumor in 'em Separatism, skepticism, desperation, nepotism Capitalism running through the Montezuma in em Ageism, sexism, racism, fascism Television running through 'em like an organism Hedonism, egoism, systematic narcissism To empty religious spontaneity is anarchism Social Darwinism, barbarism, modern paganism Major schizism, division, ethnoplagiarism Selfish business decision, greedy reductionism Obstruction of the justice, occupation victimizationism Brainwashing, mind control, synthetic stimulation in them Time control mutilating the soul for a business decision Help the people cope sell 'em dope from a new trope Synthetic hope, life spent walking on a tightrope Infantile masturbation, juvenile, no education Mental castration, a generation forced to labor for a nation Lock the means production down, price reduction down Inflation and corruption need the medication now! They need the medication now! Corporate production in a state of mass combustion Greed and lust and dangerous repercussions To escape the rupture they speak of rapture While still going after the things they spiritually capture Distaster faster and faster and faster Terrorism running through them on their television Introversion, indecision, reactionism, hypocrism Phony nationalism, dishpan Africanism Material hypnotisms, monopoly, militarist devi-isms, sadomasochisms Intellectual fetishisms sold on computers and televisions Exploitative need a saviour to correct the system Paranoia skepticism, schizophrenic mechanisms Escapism running through them need a sedative Medication, complication, situation negative Modernism has created modern prisons Neo-McCarthyisms, new colonialisms Pessimism makes decisions, hoodooism, hypnotism Egoism, realism, humanism, legalism Small fish ball for recognition oppressor and oppressed condition Sex, addiction, vexed conflict and anarchism Self-delusions, victims leave with no solutions Impositions, superstitions, brutism, contradictions False pretense and no convictions Compromised commercialism, recognition Any decisions from a pure prism Magnetism, pragmatism, altruism, actionism Activism, pacifism, rehabilitation-ism No false sensationalism, aped assimilation in 'em Corporate cannibalism, psychological limitations in 'em No imitations, competition, gross assumption Parasitism, negative stimulation in 'em Consumerism [Hook]
04. 13. 01:20h
Reason ft Tumi, Ginger Breadman & Tall A$ Mo - Bump The Cheese Up (South Africa) Kid MC - O IncorrigĂ­vel (Angola) Ayriq Akam - Bienvenue au Cameroun (Cameroun) Wilow Amsgood -- Sale Negro (Cameroun) Fulbe Hip Hop - Balele [Fulani Rap] (Niger) Salaam Kivu All Stars - Saisir l'avenir (eastern Congo) Hip Hop Dziri - Ched Rohak (Algeria) Muzo - Tubailafye No Kunwa (Zambia) Mic Monsta - #N WORD REMIX (Cameroon) Reminisce ft. Olamide & Phyno - Local Rappers (Nigeria) Youssoupha - Rap Franc CFA (Congo)
06. 23. 18:56h
Watch the first trailer for the upcoming Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez on Me has arrived. Here, we see the rise of one of rap's greatest performers, from his early life on through the violent east coast-west coast hip-hop rivalry that defined his career and all the way up to his death after a drive-by shooting in 1996. All Eyes on Me, helmed by music video and film director Benny Boom, stars Demetrius Shipp Jr. as Shakur, looking every inch the part as he takes the stage. Joining him is Jamal Woolard, stepping back into the role of the Notorious B.I.G. after portraying him in 2009's Notorious. Rounding out the cast are The Walking Dead's Danai Gurira as Afeni Shakur; Kat Graham as Shakur's lifelong friend Jada Pinkett; Stefon Washington as Puff Daddy; and The Vampire Diaries' Lauren Cohan as Leila Steinberg, Shakur's mentor and first manager. All Eyez on Me hits theaters on November 11th.
07. 12. 10:30h
"I Can't Breathe" -- the last words of Eric Garner before he was suffocated by a police officer in July 2014. Some of the game's truest hip hop artist unite for an inspiring new protest song KRS-One, Sticky Fingaz from Onyx, Talib Kweli, reggae great Mad Lion, Brother J from the X Clan, and lastly, Samuel L. Jackson.