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Major Mohammed Tariq Bey (nicknamed Al Nigeri or alternately Al Ifriqi- the Nigerian or the African). Born in Libya, of Nigerian parents, of Fulani ethnicity. He commanded Troops in the Dardanelles campaign of 1915. He was later to return to battle, firstly against the Italians during the Invasion of Ethiopia and later in command of troops in the Palestine conflict of 1948. He was at one stage the Chief of the General staff of the Saudi Army, appointed in 1939. He documented his works in a number of volumes, including 'Muhammad Tariq al ifriqi Muddhakirarti fi al-harb al-habbashiyya al-italiya' and 'Muhammad Tariq al-Ifriqi al Mujahidun fi Ma'arik al Filastin' among others. References include Bahjat al-Qaramanli's "al-Mujahidun Muhammad Tariq al-Ifriqi", (al-Shahid, Tripoli, Libya, nos. 7 and 8, 1986), also "The Making of an Egyptian Arab Nationalist: The Early Years of Azzam Pasha, 1893-1936" by Ralph Coury (which cites Al-Qaramanli). Both of these texts clearly refer to his Nigerian origins. Also useful is Anna Baldinetti's 'The Origins of the Libyan Nation: Colonial Legacy, Exile and the Emergence of a Nation State.' This image Is from the Daily Times of Nigeria. May, 1935.

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